Saturday, 6 June 2009

Project Server 2007 & MOSS – Issue with linking Risk/Issues with Tasks!

Whilst doing some testing over the past couple of days I uncovered a bug with the linking of Risk/Issues to Project Tasks in deployments of Project Server 2007 with MOSS.

Note: If you are using EPM2007 with Windows SharePoint Services (WSS), this does not concern you.

Steps to replicate the issue;

1) Create a new project with say a couple of tasks

2) Save and Publish the project to create a project workspace

3) Navigate to project workspace, create/add Risk and link to project task

(click picture to enlarge)

4) Notice that the link is indicated at the bottom of the page

5) Click Ok to close the Risk

6) Next, view the Risk item added earlier

7) Notice that the Link has disappeared.

Note: I have tested this with SP2 + Apr CU as well. Awaiting fix from Microsoft regarding this issue.

Refer to update here.

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