Monday, 18 January 2010

EPM2007 – Why cant I see Project Custom Attributes in OLAP Cube Fields List?

I recently came across some odd behaviour in Data Analysis views. I could not see some project attributes in the fields list within the MSP_Portfolio_Analyzer cube. There was no explanation. I ensured that the attributes were text fields with lookup tables and no multi-value selection option was checked. The issue was fixed by ‘tricking’ the system that a hierarchy exists on the associated lookup table values and then re-instating the original hierarchy which was a flat structure. Here are the general steps;

1. Select the custom attribute look up table. The one that is not appearing in the fields list for MSP_Portfolio_Analyzer cube.


(click picture to enlarge)

2. Insert a mask for level two. Note: originally a flat single level structure as in fig above.

3. Insert a new row in the look up table value list at the top (give it the same name as lookup table name) and out-dent the others (existing values). Remember to NOT delete the existing values.


4. Save the lookup table

5. Build the cube

6. Check the field list to ensure the custom attribute exists


7. Re-state the lookup table value as before i.e. indent and the existing values and then remove the newly added row at the top.

8. Build the cube

9. Check the field list to ensure the custom attribute exists

I am doing some further tests to reconfirm the resolution. I will update this post if there is any further information to add.

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