Friday, 5 March 2010

EPM2007 – Issue with Home Page layout? Here is the fix!

Are you experiencing page layout issue on the PWA Home Page? See example in fig below. This issue would affect you more if you have added other webparts on the Home Page for example Project Centre Webpart.


(click pictures to enlarge)

This issue can easily be fixed by setting the appropriate width of the webpart(s). The general steps are as follows;

1) From Site Actions, select Edit Page


2) From Edit option, for the affected Webpart, select Modify Share Web Part.


3) From within the Web Part Task Pane update and fix the width that is most appropriate for all users i.e. based on screen resolution.


4) At the bottom of the Web Part Task Pane,click Apply


5) The webpart will now have been resized. Try another width dimension as required and apply.


Once you are happy with the layout, select Exit Edit Mode at the top of the Web Part Task Pane.


That’s it. Job done!.

Please be mindful of the fact the user access rights to edit PWA page Themes, layouts and Webpart. Refer to my earlier post regarding this.

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