Friday, 27 July 2012

EPM2013 – My Favourite NEW Features/Enhancements (Updated)

First off, Project Centre and detail timeline view. Add Milestones/tasks across different projects to your timeline view. Get the holistic view of the key deliverables all in one place!! Halleluiah…..  


Secondly, the PWA project editing i.e. so much easier and smoother with auto calculation/scheduling i.e. you do not have to keep pressing the Calculate button.


Thirdly, having a single project server database. This has always been a concern of IT admins on sites. Granted that the single database contains all the necessary tables and will GROW. But, it will be easier to manage. More on this later….

Finally, ever wanted to set baseline on PWA projects? well, you will soon be able with the new version. See figure below.


Have fun, if like me you have your head stuck in the ‘bonnet’ to have a good look around the new toy!!

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