Monday, 9 September 2013

SharePoint – Portal Short URL resolution / Redirect to fully Qualified URL

I came across a user requirement to ensure that the short URL for a portal was resolved to a fully qualified domain URL. For example when users access http://portal they are automatically redirected to the fully qualified URL .

By default, what happens is when you enter a short URL, say http://portal/IT the browser shows the short URL rather than a fully qualified URL

You really want the best of both worlds!! Allowing the user to type in whatever they want but resolving this automatically in the background. I find that the users want to simply type in the short URL as it is easier and quicker.

In my case, the business had a specific requirement to ensure consistency when sending links to documents, manage corporate branding and compatibility for bespoke application built on SharePoint.

Steps to take to implement this solution;

1 First, create a new website on the Web Server within IIS
  Add the Host Name i.e. the short URL part. See example image above.
2 Next, Select the HTTP Redirect option for the newly created website.
3 Select the option to Redirect and enter the fully qualified URL here. See example figure below.

That’s it. you may need to restart this new website.

Now test the navigation thoroughly.

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