Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Overwriting Existing Enterprise Project Schedule/Plan with Externally Provided Plan

So you are using Microsoft Project Server and you have a need to regularly show updated external project schedule in your portfolio of Enterprise Projects. How can we do this whilst maintaining continued use of Project related artefacts such as documents, workflow, risks, issues etc?


You can do this by importing the external project schedule/plan and saving this with the SAME name as the existing Enterprise Project. Doing this retains the internal project GUID and, hence, maintains its links to Workflow, SharePoint Workspace and other artefacts.

Here are the general steps;

  1. Make a note of the EXACT name of the Enterprise Project Plan to be replaced. You can do this either from Project Centre or Project Pro > File Open dialog box.
  2. Using Project Professional, open the external project schedule/plan provided by your external contractor or consultant.
  3. Review and modify plan if necessary.
  4. File > Save As > Choose SAVE option in the ‘Save to Project Server’ dialog box.
  5. You will then be prompted the option to overwrite existing project in the server. Choose OK. See example figure below.



Hope this Helps. Enjoy project….ing!!

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