Friday, 5 June 2015

OLAP Excel Report - How to Show Work in Days rather than Hours?

Applies: Project Server 2007, 2010, 2013 OLAP Reporting

This post will guide you to create a custom column in OLAP cube report;

1. Once you have configured OLAP and have created pivot table. Click on MDX Calculate Measures (Analyze >> Calculations >> OLAP Tools >> MDX Calculate Measures)


Figure 1 Showing MDX Calculated Measures

2. In New Calculated Measure window.

· Enter Name of measure i.e. name of calculated field.

· Select the field to be used from “Fields and Items” tab.

· Click on “Insert”. Selected field will be displayed in White area under “MDX” label apply appropriate formulation.

· Select appropriate group from “Measure Group”

· To verify MDX click on “Test MDX”.

· Click on Ok.


Figure 2 Creating MDX Calculated Measures

3. Above newly added Measure one can find in Pivot Table field listing under a group selected during above step.


Figure3: Showing newly added Measure in PivotTable fields

4. Click on check box next to field to add field to Pivot Table.

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