Sunday, 26 October 2008

Assignment Owner

There are situations where the team members that are doing the actual work on tasks do not have ready access to a computer. This makes their use of Project Server Web Access to report status on their task assignments impossible or at least highly unlikely. In the past situations like this would require assigning the tasks to a supervisor and then having the supervisor submit status for the resources. But this was not a great solution as it obscured the usage levels of the actual resources and was confusing for the supervisor to keep track of who was assigned to any given task. Project Server 2007 adds a feature that makes this kind of situation much easier to handle.

Every Assignment on a project in Project Server has a property called "Assignment Owner" that contains the name of the Project Server user that will be entering status updates for that assignment. If the Assignment Owner for an assignment is "Brian Kennemer" then it will show up on my "My Tasks" page in PWA. Every resource in Project Server has a property called "Default Assignment Owner." This property defines the default name that is put into the Assignment Owner field when that resource is assigned to a task. By default it is the name of the resource but you can put any active user into the field for a resource. So in our situation above the solution would be to put the name of the supervisor into the Default Assignment Owner field for each of their team members. Then whenever a task is assigned to one of the team members that assignment will show up on the My Tasks page of the supervisor.

With this solution the tasks are assigned to actual team members so their usage and availability can be accurately tracked and the assignments show up on the supervisors My Tasks page for easy status updates (the name of the assigned resource shows up in the view to help the supervisor keep track.)


  1. Hello PJ,

    This is very useful info. Thanks.

    BTW - I remember seeing you at the Phoenix Conf in Sept. We have the same last name (hence the curiosity).

    Dinesh Mistry, PMP, MCTS

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  3. Thank for your kind words. Much appreciated. I will do my best. Also, expect to see a lot more on managing projects using SharePoint.

  4. Priya Jeyaprakash19 May 2010 at 07:08


    Is there a way to add more than one assignment owner for a task?


  5. Hi Priya;
    Sorry about the delay.
    I need to clarify a couple of things for you.

    You can add multiple resources (Enterprise or local) to a task in a project i.e. mulitple assignments on a task. For example, four resources on a task will result in four assignments.

    An Enterprise Resource can only have one Assignment Owner i.e. a person/user who recieves the assignment. By default the Enterprise Resource will be the Assignment Owner but you can change this to someone else i.e. another user who receives the assignment notification and does the updates on behalf of the Enterprise who is assigned on a task. There is a one-to-one relationship between an Enterpise Resource and Assignment Owner (user).

    If, however, you want an assignment to be visible by mulitple Resources/Users (say a Team) in MY WORK such that the next available Team Member can take ownership of this team assignment then you should look at using the Team Resource functionality.

    Hope this helps
    PJ Mistry


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