Saturday, 30 May 2009

EPM Training Courses - How do they map to my organizational objectives?

I often get asked about EPM training courses and their relevance to business strategic objectives for their EPM deployment.
Here is some info from Project Solution encapsulating the EPM learning structure and how the various role-based training courses align with the organization’s objectives and requirements of EPM solution.

This will help your business realise the full potential value and benefit of an Enterprise Project Management solution.

2-How EPM Learning Courses fit in
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End-user Training Courses;
  1. MSP101: Microsoft Project Planning [2d]
  2. EPM200: Microsoft EPM for Project Managers [2d]
  3. EPM201: Microsoft EPM for Project Managers Boot Camp [3d]
  4. EPM202: Managing PRINCE2® Projects in EPM2007 [2d] New!
  5. EPM300: Microsoft EPM for Programme Managers [1d]
  6. EPM301: Microsoft EPM Programme Management Boot Camp [3d]
  7. EPM400: Microsoft EPM for Project Portfolio & Enterprise RMs [1d]
  8. EPM501: Microsoft PWA for Executives [½d]
  9. EPM502: Microsoft PWA for Resource Managers [½d]
Administrator Training Courses;
  1. EPM700-Microsoft EPM Application Administration [2d]
  2. EPM701-Microsoft EPM Infrastructure Administration Fundamentals [1d]
The training courses are provided off-site, on-site or on-line. For further information (course overviews and content details) contact:

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