Monday, 24 August 2009

EPM2007 – controlling no. of Admin Categories appearing in Timesheet

I had a couple of queries regarding controlling the number of administrative categories that appear in EPM2007 timesheets. This is especially of concern when there are large numbers of admin categories say 10+. The users’ timesheet can appear large and unwieldy especially if they are also working on lots of smaller projects. 

My suggestion would be to set just the main admin categories (which applies to majority of the user base) as Always Display. The others should be left un-checked. See example in fig below.


(click picture to enlarge)

In the above example, Training admin category is setup such that it does not appear by default (i.e. Always Display check box is left unchecked). The example fig below shows default admin categories added when a timesheet is first created.


The user can then add the additional (non-default) admin categories, as required, for the TS week via My Timesheet summary page > Plan Administrative Time and then selecting the appropriate TS period. You can either start adding the committed/planned time within the dialog box for administrative time or simply choose to save and then add the actual time within the timesheet against the non-default admin category that was saved.

Note: You cannot add non-default admin categories from within the already created/existing timesheet.


The resulting example timesheet is shown in fig below.


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