Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Making users/resource inactive – considerations

I had a query from a user regarding making resources inactive. Here are some of the implications and considerations;

  1. Making the Resource/User inactive will prevent the resource being available in the Build Team Dialog box for PMs i.e. they will not see these resources in Project Pro.
  2. Inactive users (also resource) will not be able to login to Project Pro or PWA.
  3. Inactive resources will still show in PWA > Resource Centre for the purpose of completeness i.e. checking which resource is active/inactive (left the company but were assigned on previous projects etc). Views can be setup/updated to show only the active resources (filtered).
  4. Inactive resources on ‘part-complete’ tasks/assignments should be replaced with other active resources. There will be warning when project is opened when inactive resource are in the team. See example below for replacing incomplete assignment.


(click picture to enlarge)


(click picture to enlarge)

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