Thursday, 10 September 2009

Critical tasks – how can I review this quickly? (part 2)

This is a follow on from the previous post regarding Critical Tasks.

Ok, so we now we know the various ways of reviewing critical tasks on our project.

How can I quickly view which incomplete critical tasks my team needs to focus on this week? I have my project meeting every Monday morning with my team and this information will really help my team focus on the key activities in the current week. 

Here are the general steps to getting this information;

First, create a custom Group to collate critical tasks and group them by start date. To do this let’s copy the built-in group ‘Critical’ and name as appropriate for example ‘Critical Tasks by Week’


(click picture to enlarge)

Next, edit the newly created group and add the start date grouping with an interval of 1 week. See steps in the example fig below.


Finally, create your custom view with the newly created group ‘Critical Tasks by Week’ and built-in filter for ‘Incomplete Tasks’. Refer to recommended approach for creating local project views in earlier post. You may wish to incorporate this view in your enterprise global.


The result should like the example in fig below.


Hope this helps!

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