Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Microsoft EPM - Managing Programs/Master Projects, Part9 – Creating Sub-Projects

Hope you have been following the previous steps ok. Once the programme is published, it's time to create the projects i.e. ask the PMs to create their individual plans for their work-packages. Do so within Project Professional.

· Create a new project using an appropriate Enterprise Project Template.



· Update/set the Project Start date and Project attributes as appropriate.

· Create/Add new project tasks in the usual way, as appropriate for the project. There may be some additional activities that you may wish to add, i.e. in addition to those inherited from the Enterprise Project Template. Here is one of the example projects that will be part of the overall programme.:


· Build Project Team and assign Enterprise Resources to Project activities/tasks as necessary.

· Save the new Project using the 'agreed' naming convention for the Program and its constituents.

For example, use a common prefix for all components, say Project number or Project Keyword e.g. ‘Gemini Product_00_Program’, ‘Gemini Product_01_Screening’. This is so that all the components of the Program appear together when opening via Project Professional > FILE > OPEN and also with PWA > Project Centre view when sorting by file name. See example below showing Program and Sub-projects;


· Then publish the project. On first Publish, be sure to select to provision the Project workspace as a sub workspace of the Program workspace.


· Once the Project is published, close and check-in the Project.

· Repeat this for any other projects that are part of the overall Program.

In the next post, we will review how we bring everything together i.e. inserting/embedding Sub-Projects into Master Projects.

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