Wednesday, 23 June 2010

EPM2007/2010 – Scheduling your Backups & Other Services

Applies to: EPM2007/2010 | Administrators

Already have Microsoft EPM deployed? Have you planned your SQL DB or Farm backups around other automated service run-times?

The system services and where to set is shown below. 

Item Service Where to Find/Set?
1 Resource Capacity : PWA > Server Settings > Additional Server Settings
2 AD Synch for Enterprise Resource Pool : PWA > Server Settings > Active Directory Resource Pool Synchronization
3 AD Synch for User Groups : PWA > Server Settings > Manage Users > Active Directory Synch Options
4 SQL DB Backups & Maintenance plans : SQL database server 2005/2008 Management Studio
5 OLAP Cube Build : PWA > Server Settings > Cube Build settings
6 Message Queue Cleanups : PWA > Server Settings > Queue Settings > Cleanup Interval Offset (for Project and Timesheet)
7 Email Alerts and Reminders : PWA > Server Settings > Alerts and Reminders
8 Other SharePoint Timer Jobs? : Any other SharePoint Timer Jobs for example Farm backups
9 Custom Jobs? : Any other custom event jobs including integration with other systems

I would recommend designing a good schedule which incorporates the services/functionality used in your deployment. Remember, the run times will depend on your deployment i.e. data, system performance etc. You may have to go through few iterations to get to an optimum schedule that works for your organisation. An example is shown below.


(click picture to enlarge)

Hope this helps!