Thursday, 21 July 2011

Un-Publish Completed Tasks - Add-in for EPM2007/2010 (FREE Download) Tags: ,,

Refer to earlier post regarding ‘My Tasks – Why do I see completed Tasks/Assignments in Current View?

Get this free add-on for P2007/2010 NOW!!

Business Benefit

  • Get your Project Team focused on incomplete tasks.
  • Manage Tasks by exception by reducing the clutter of completed tasks in team Members' views and reminders.
  • Improve end-user adoption of your investments in Microsoft EPM Solution.

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Hope this helps. Enjoy!!

EPM/SharePoint + Office Better Together!!

Key feature that often gets overlooked when selling benefits of EPM/SharePoint internally to end-users.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

I am back!!

Apologies about the radio silence. I was on sick leave due to a shoulder problem. Back from surgery and ready to go!! Thank you for those who sent best wishes. Much appreciated. There has been a lot changes here at our offices with a few new faces/hires. Looks like they are still looking for a couple more: support technician and consultant for SharePoint and EPM. If you are interested please contact

SharePoint 2010: Word experienced an error trying to open the file

Here is a great post by Mano Mangaldas

If you get the error "Word experienced an error trying to open the file" or "Word has encountered a problem" while opening or creating a new document based on a template.. in SharePoint 2010
if your document hangs at "Opening in Protected View"

probably you have to disable Protected view in Office 2010..
Below are the steps..

  1. Run one of the Office 2010 application (e.g. Word 2010).
  2. Click on File menu, and select Options.
  3. In the “Options” dialog, select Trust Center in the left pane.
  4. Click on Trust Center Settings in the right pane.
  5. Select Protected View in the left pane of “Trust Center” dialog.
  6. Disable any of all of the protected view options as below by unticking the check boxes:
    • Enable Protected View for files that fail validation
    • Enable Protected View for files originating from the Internet
    • Enable Protected View for files located in potentially unsafe locations
    • Enable Protected View for Outlook attachments