Sunday, 18 April 2010

P2007 – Analysis Toolbar, where is ‘Analyze Timescaled data in Excel’?

Users of EPM2003 may have been used to the ‘Analyze Timescaled data in Excel’ functionality in Analysis Toolbar. After upgrading to EPM2007, you may be wondering what happened to this feature. 


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The Analyze Timephased data in Excel is P2003 feature has been replaced by the new Visual Reports in P2007.

Visual reports in P2007 has far reaching capabilities than the single timephased export to excel functionality in P2003. Below is a summary of the key features;

P2003 – Analyze Timescaled Data in Excel

· Single report format.

· Simple export of ‘certain’ standard fields e.g. work, Cumulative work. Does not include Baseline information.

· Simple Graph with no drill-down capability

· Extracted Data cannot be manipulated easily or drilled into

P2007 - Visual Reports

· Multiple report formats. Can easily be standardised by PMO.

· Build Complex MS Excel Pivot Table reports with standard fields including Baseline, Enterprise custom fields

· Graph based on pivot table data which can easily be customised by adding/removing fields

· Extracted pivot table Data can easily be manipulated by adding/updating time periods, rows, columns filters etc.

Visual Reports is a new feature in Project Standard and Professional that allows you to report on your project’s data in Excel using PivotTables and PivotCharts, and in Visio using a new feature called PivotDiagrams (think fancy WBS charts). Using Visual Reports you can now easily create eye-catching reports that are also informative off data from your project using formats that are familiar to your target audience. P2007 has some out-of-box (OOB) Excel and Visio templates. You can also create your own templates that you can share out to others to provide a consistency across everyone’s reports.

More to follow in following post.

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