Thursday, 8 April 2010

Project Templates for PMO/Multi-user Access

Applies to: EPM2007

My earlier post covered the process for enabling multi-user access for common project. This works fine on a single project, but you do not want to keep doing this every time you initiate a new project. Especially, if you are a PMO member and share the responsibility for managing common projects.

The solution is to prepare a project with the required number of users as Status Managers (following the process in my earlier post) and save this as an enterprise project NOT an enterprise Template. See example in figure below.


(click picture to enlarge)

Note: If you save this project as an enterprise Template, you will lose the Status Managers you have setup on the project i.e. they will be removed/cleaned out.

Tip: Use a naming convention that works for you for these types of enterprise projects.  I would suggest using a prefix for example ‘001_PMO Template1’. This will ensure your ‘template’ project shows up at the top of the list of projects….easier to find.

Hope this helps!

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