Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Can Projects be considered ‘Archived’ by simply adding them to a special ‘deny’ Security Category in EPM?

I was asked earlier by an EPM administrator if this was an option to consider. My answer to him was, ‘it depends…..

This maybe an option in very small deployments with limited requirements. If you are planning to use this approach, you need to carefully consider the following;
    This process is not Archiving, but merely hiding projects i.e. making it not visible to users. These projects will still exist in the live databases.
    Build up of Projects, over-time, in the system may start effecting system performance. Conversely, it may be a small deployment but holding few very large projects with extended durations and assignments. If these completed projects are not archived and removed from your live databases, they will start hampering your system performance.
    Your Disaster Recovery will be dependent on the size of your live databases.
    With this approach, the completed projects are hidden, hence there is no instant access to associated project Workspaces i.e. no continued access to important project documents from within PWA environment unless you manually make a note of the URLs.
    Reporting capability will be hampered by the clutter/build-up of completed projects in the live databases over time.
    Admin over-head of manually adding projects to ‘deny’ security category. Or, additional expense of custom code/tool which automates this addition, but still providing limited capability mentioned above.

Hope this clarification helps.

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