Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Microsoft EPM & SharePoint Business Productivity Add-on Tools/Utilities

Below are some of the Business Productivity Add-on tools to help you get the most out of your Microsoft EPM & SharePoint Solutions.

EPM Archive & Recovery Solution (ARS)

  • Admin tools to mass archive and recover projects and associated workspaces.
  • End-User tools for self-service archive of own projects and recovery, if required.
  • Continued access to project artefacts in workspace even after archiving.

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Personal Backup and Recovery (PBR)

  • End-user tool for self-service backup of own live project prior to undertaking major changes or doing what-if-Analysis.
  • Continued access to project workspace.
  • End-user ability to restore any of personal backups following finalisation of Analysis.


Auto Save Project Copies to SharePoint

  • Project Professional add-on for automatically saving copy of live project to associated SharePoint Workspace.
  • Compare current state of live project with earlier saved copies e.g. Monthly forecasts.
  • Ideal for management of critical projects.

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EPM Resource Rate Replicator

  • Reduce Administration by simply changing the rate structure for one Template/Generic skill Resource and automatically applying to Group of Resources of similar skill/attribute.
  • Ideal for Resource Managers who are responsible for maintaining resource rate structures for their skill group.

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Timephased Usage Data Export to Excel

  • Export Resource Usage Data from Project.
  • Export Task Usage Data from Project.
  • Export Resource Rate Profile from Project.
  • Easily export to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.
  • Export data similar to MSP Usage views.

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EPM Resource Overallocation Alerts

  • Proactively monitor your Enterprise Resources’ demands in EPM by receiving alerts & notifications if overallocated.
  • Get more done, manage by exception.
  • Ideal for Resource Managers where demand management is critical.

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