Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Microsoft EPM - Managing Programs/Master Projects, Part1 - Background

The term Master Project within EPM is a carryover from the earlier versions of Project. This is sometimes referred to as a program, portfolio of related projects, or simply a collection of projects say for reporting purposes.

There are times where a user may need to look at several projects at once to gauge the impact of a change to all of the related projects in one instance. Alternatively, the user may wish to use the consolidated project function to create a combined view across multiple projects to re- allocate resources so that any overallocations are addressed.

The concept of Master Project for a single user using Project Standard, i.e. with outside the Enterprise, is simpler as compared to when using this feature within the enterprise. An enterprise system is a collaborative environment where there are multiple Project Managers/Owners involved. When using the Master Project concept within EPM2007, certain best practices need to be adhered to. These will be detailed in the following posts. So, stay tuned.

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