Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Microsoft EPM Archive & Recovery Solution (ARS)–Administrator & end-user 'self-service' Tools

This is with reference to my following earlier posts EPM2007 Project Archiving – Recommended Steps (OOB) and EPM2007 Project Restore– Recommended Steps (OOB), covering manual steps for archiving and recovery of projects.

The manual approach for archiving and restore may work for smaller deployments or instances with small number of ‘live’ projects. But, if we have a medium to large deployment or we are in a situation where we simply have very many ‘live’ projects we may need to start thinking about automating some of the processes to streamline our operations. Archiving your projects and workspaces will not only help with the system performance but more importantly, your SQL database backups and disaster recovery where you might be mirroring or log shipping to another site. Whatever approach you take whether manual or automatic…keep your system lean and mean’.

Below is some information on a packaged solution that completely automates the entire process of EPM Project & SharePoint Workspace Archive & Recovery, making the most of your existing investments in Microsoft. Doing more with less effort! This solution will help improve the adoption of the overall Microsoft EPM/SharePoint Solutions. I am sure this will help adoption of EPM/SP in existing deployments, especially which have accumulated a lot of ‘old’ completed projects and need some means of automated archiving (by admin and end-user ‘self-service’) but want to retain access to project workspaces i.e. documents etc and the option to easily recover, if required.


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For further info, please contact: sales@projectsolution.co.uk or http://www.projectsolution.co.uk/contactus.html

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