Thursday, 10 February 2011

FREE Add-in to Resolve the EPM Issue of completed Assignments Appearing in My Tasks Current View

This is with reference to my earlier post ‘My Tasks – Why do I see completed Tasks/Assignments in Current View?’.

I promised earlier to release the code to help automate the process for setting the ‘Publish’ flag to ‘No' for completed tasks. If you need an automated resolution for this issue, please send your request here (use promo code ‘Publish’) and one of the technicians will email you the add-in along with very simple setup instructions and support you thereafter. The beauty about this add-in is that it runs on SAVE event, behind the scene, automating the manual steps that one would have to take…saving your team valuable time & effort! And it is completely FREE!! Enjoy!


Other Business Productivity Add-on tools to help you get the most out of your Microsoft EPM & SharePoint Solutions can be found here.

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